Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Add a metric as a scorecard criterion

Compass provides several predefined metrics for you to use for your components. See the full list of predefined metrics in Compass here: Available predefined metrics in Compass. You can use these predefined metrics as scorecard criteria, or if you want to use a different metric, you’ll need to first create the metric in Compass. Learn more about creating metrics

  1. Select Health from the top navigation bar in Compass.
  2. Select Create a new scorecard or to add a metric to an existing scorecard, find the scorecard and select Edit.
  3. Fill in the required scorecard fields or make any desired changes to the existing scorecard you selected. Learn more about creating and managing scorecards
  4. Select Next.
  5. Select the Select criterion dropdown menu and find the metric you want to add as a criterion.
    • If you don’t see the metrics you expect, you may need to create them first.
  6. Select the metric criterion. Two new fields appear.
  7. Select the operator you want the metric threshold to have from the dropdown menu.
  8. Enter the value for the metric threshold.
  9. Enter the weight, by percentage, that this criterion should have. The sum of each criterion’s weight should be 100.
  10. Add whatever additional criterion you want this scorecard to have.
  11. Select Create (or Save) when all your criterion is added and your criterion’s weights all add to 100%.

The scorecard creation/editing view with metrics added as scorecard criterion

Now your scorecard has metric criteria and is applied to components according to the scorecard’s settings. The scorecard displays the metrics with any other criteria defined in the scorecard on applicable components.

Remove a metric as a scorecard criterion

  1. Select Health from the top navigation bar in Compass.
  2. Select the scorecard with the metric you want to remove.
  3. Select Edit scorecard.
  4. Edit any other details on the scorecard's main details, then select Next.
  5. Select the remove icon next to the metric(s) you want to remove from this scorecard. You must adjust the weight of your other criteria so that the sum of the criterion’s weights equals 100.
  6. Select Save when all your changes are made. Any components with that scorecard applied will reflect your changes and scores are recalculated accordingly.

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