Last updated Jun 13, 2024

View a component's activity feed

The activity feed in Compass provides a platform to display events from any tool and provides a way to rapidly assess what has happened to your component during a window of interest. For example, the activity feed can show deployment events from a component’s connected Bitbucket repository to help you assess the recency of the production build and see the frequency of deployment activity right from within Compass.

A component’s activity feed can also show you the events from your component's upstream dependencies, which are the components your component depends on, enabling you to assess the impact of events on your software infrastructure.

Before you begin

Get events from tools to show on the activity feed by using at least one of the following methods:

View a component's activity feed

To view the activity feed:

  1. If you are not already there, go to your component’s details page in Compass.

  2. A component’s deployment information appears as the Latest deployment tag under the component’s name. Hover on the tag to view the latest deployment details.

  3. Select Activity from the left navigation to view the activity feed.

    • By default, the activity feed displays the timeline view. Here, you can interact with the timeline to view the event details.

    • Select and drag the timeline to navigate to a different date and time. Select Now to go back to the current instance.

    • Hover on an event marker to view the event details. Select the event marker to go to the event’s source.

  4. Select List to switch to the list view.

    • Select Show dependencies to view the deployment events from your component’s upstream dependencies.

    • Select the event to go to the event’s source.

  5. Choose between production and staging environment types to see deployment events from the specific environments.

    • The environment filter only affects deployment events. All other event types are unaffected and continue appearing on the activity feed.

Compass maps the states of deployment events to specific statuses that appear in the deployment tag and activity list. Learn more about deployment statuses in the activity feed

Deployment statuses in the activity feed

Compass reads the states of the deployment events and maps them to specific statuses to appear in a component’s deployment tag and activity list.

The following deployment statuses appear in Compass:

Deployment in progress icon In Progress

The deployment has started and is currently in progress. This is an intermittent status and it changes to show the most current status as the deployment progresses.

Deployment success icon Successful

The deployment was completed because it was successful.

Deployment canceled icon Canceled

The deployment was completed because a user stopped it while it was in progress.

Deployment failed icon Failed

The deployment was completed because it failed.

Deployment status unknown icon Unknown

The deployment event’s state isn’t available for Compass to read.

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