Last updated Jul 17, 2024

Import components from Jira Service Management

If you don't see this feature, it means your components automatically sync with Jira Service Management, which we're gradually rolling out to everyone.

Create a unified, automated, and detailed catalog of your software architecture by creating components from services in Jira Service Management.

Creating components from services in Jira Service Management fast-tracks building your component catalog by automatically:

  • creating components in Compass and copying over details like name, description, and tier from Jira Service Management

  • adding a jsm-import label to Compass components for easy grouping and search

  • adding two-way links between the Compass component and the service in Jira Service Management for easy navigation

  • fetching and showing incident events from Jira Service Management on the equivalent component's activity feed

  • An incident appears in Compass only if the person creating it, either through the service project or the customer portal, has access to view the associated incident issue in Jira Service Management.
  • Once it flows through, everyone in Compass can see the incident on the linked Compass component's activity feed, irrespective of their Jira Service Management permissions.

Before you begin

So Compass can access the services to import from Jira Service Management, ensure:

  • you have access to at least one service project in Jira Service Management

  • the Services feature is enabled in your service project (Project settings > Features > Operations)

Import components from Jira Service Management

  1. In Compass, select Create > Import components from the main navigation.

  2. Next to Jira Service Management, select Import.

  3. Select a Jira Service Management project from the menu.

  4. Select Select services.

  5. Select the services you want to import, then select Import.

  6. When the import completes, select View components to see the imported components.

  7. Select a Compass component and see its details.

    • A link to the service is added in the Jira Service Management field on the Overview page.
    • Incident events, if any, appear on the component's Activity page.
  8. On the component's Overview page, select the service link under the Jira Service Management field. You'll be taken to the service in Jira Service Management. A link to the Compass component is added to:

    • the Compass field in the service's right sidebar
    • the Affected services section of any associated incidents for the service

After importing services as Compass components, you can update any details in Compass or Jira Service Management anytime. However, the changes don't sync between the two products.

You can import a service from Jira Service Management multiple times. Reimporting updates the Compass component's details with the latest information from Jira Service Management. Any links added to the component through Compass are also removed, thereby removing any connected data like events and metrics.


If you can't see any Jira Service Management projects or services in Compass

Before starting the import process, ensure access to at least one service project in Jira Service Management.

If an import doesn't complete

Sometimes, an import may not be complete due to network issues. If that happens, try importing the services again. Compass will prevent creating duplicate components by checking the linked service in Jira Service Management. Any components created during previous imports will be updated with the latest information from Jira Service Management, and any links added to the component through Compass will be cleared.

If some services fail to import

Sometimes, some services you chose will fail to import. If that happens, download the error logs at the end of the import to see the specific reason for failure. Fix the underlying issue and attempt importing the services again.

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