Last updated Apr 15, 2024

Link Jira issues to components

Link Jira issues to components, so your team can confidently track, prioritize, complete, and reflect on the work on your software architecture.

Linking a Jira issue to a component

A component’s Issues page helps in different phases of work:

  • During backlog grooming or sprint planning, sort issues by priority to decide what to work on next.
  • During bug bashes, filter issues by type to focus on any bugs that need addressing.
  • During CheckOps, sort issues by status to celebrate progress or find ways to improve.

A component's Issues page

A Jira Software project’s Components page helps your team track and reveal the impact of work on your software architecture, and surface component information to help move that work forward:

  • See which components are linked to a project; and see how many issues are linked to each component. This helps you get a sense of how much your team is working on at any given time.
  • Surface the information surrounding each component – like the owner team, source code repositories, and dependencies – to get more context on and make better decisions about what you’re working on.

A Jira Software project's Components page

Before you begin

Switch to Compass components in Jira Software

A Jira admin must take these steps in a company-managed project.

  1. In your project sidebar, select Component icon Components.

  2. Next to Create component, it should say Compass components. If it says Jira components, select it and switch to Compass components.

Jira components toggle

Jira components won’t be deleted, and they’ll still be visible on issues they were previously linked to. You can switch back to Jira components at any time.

A Jira issue's Components field

  1. Open the issue you want to link to a component.

  2. Find and select the Components field.

  3. Select the component you want to link the issue to.

The component will appear in the issue’s Components field, and on the Jira project’s Component icon Components page; and the issue will appear on a component’s Issues icon Issues page in Compass.

View issues linked to a component

  1. In Compass, find and open the component that you want to view linked issues for.

  2. In the sidebar, select Issues icon Issues.

  3. In the table, filter issues by type or status, or sort them from the columns. By default, issues are sorted by most recently updated.

  1. In Jira Software, open the issue you want to unlink from a component.

  2. Find and select the Components field.

  3. Select the cross next to the component you want to unlink the issue from.

  4. The component will be removed from the issue’s Components field; and the issue will be removed from the component's Issues icon Issues page in Compass.

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