Last updated Apr 17, 2024

Apply or remove scorecards

Apply a scorecard to a component

You can apply scorecards using a few different methods in Compass:

  • To all components of selected type(s)
  • Manually to individual components
  • By a component label

Any Compass user, admin or non-admin, can apply these scorecards to a component.

Scorecards applied to all components of selected type(s) are implicitly applied to all components where the component’s type matches the type(s) that you selected when you created the scorecard.

To manually apply a scorecard to individual components:

  1. Go to the component's Overview page in Compass.
  2. Select + Apply scorecard under the Scorecards section.
    • If there aren't any scorecards applied to the component yet, select the empty field under the Scorecards section.
  3. Select the Choose a scorecard dropdown to view scorecards or start typing to search and select an applicable scorecard.
    • A scorecard becomes applicable to a component when the component type(s) that are set in the scorecard’s settings matches your component's type.
  4. Select Apply.

The scorecard appears in the Scorecards section. It shows the component’s score based on the completed criteria. You can select the scorecard to view the scorecard details.

You can then review the unmet criteria and take actions to fulfill those criteria. Learn how to update the component’s score

Remove a scorecard from a component

You can remove a scorecard from individual components only if the scorecard was applied manually to each component. You can't remove scorecard applied to all components of specific type(s) or by a component label.

To remove a scorecard applied manually to individual components:

  1. Go to the component's Overview page in Compass.
  2. Hover over the scorecard you want to remove from the component.
  3. Select More actions More actions icon > Remove.
  4. Select Remove on the confirmation dialog to confirm your action.

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