Last updated May 29, 2024

What does health mean for you and your teams in Compass?

Health in Compass represents scorecards, metrics and other features that help you and your team apply DevOps best practices at scale. Scorecards and metrics help Compass teams keep components secure and reliable for other teams to use. CheckOps is a way for your team to regularly meet to track goals and identify areas of improvement for operations and component health.


Scorecards in Compass are sets of criteria that you can apply to a component to measure its health. Scorecards help you apply DevOps best practices across your components and improve them over time. Use the component readiness scorecard to get started completing your software catalog. Learn more about scorecards


A metric is a quantifiable measure of behavior observed and collected from your systems, tools, and processes. Metrics provide data points that help you track and assess the performance of your processes, products, and teams. Key DevOps metrics to get started with are lead time for changes (measured by PR cycle time) and deployment frequency, but we also provide a number of predefined metrics to get started. Learn more about metrics


CheckOps is a weekly practice your team can implement to better understand your operational health, the health of your components, and how you can improve your team’s operations over time. CheckOps consists of a form you fill out with your team on a weekly basis to reflect on how your components are operating and track improvement over time. Learn more about practicing CheckOps with your team

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