Last updated Sep 16, 2021

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Search the component catalog

What is the component catalog?

The component catalog in Compass is a centralized hub with information about your modern software architecture and the teams collaborating on it. The component catalog provides a connected representation of your engineering output – the components.

You and your teams can describe all the components in your software architecture in the component catalog. Once you have all information about the components, a catalog makes it easy for you to navigate your software architecture. You can easily track your components, dependencies, tools, and follow best practices across the development lifecycle.

The catalog also facilitates the easy discovery of all components in your organization, their owners, resources, and contact channels.

The component catalog is your first step towards successfully managing software development sprawl. Learn how to create components in Compass

Search for components

In Compass, you can search for a component by its name, description, or labels.

To search for a component:

  1. In Compass, select the search box in the top navigation.
  2. Enter a search string.
    • The search results return components of all types that have a matching name, description, or labels. Services appear first in the results list, followed by components of all other types.
    • The results also list the teams matching your search.
  3. To see more results of a particular component type, select Show more. If you can’t find your component, try refining your search terms.
  4. Select a component to view its details.

You can also view a component's details by using other methods.

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