Last updated Apr 6, 2023

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What is a scorecard?

Scorecards in Compass are a set of criteria that you can apply to a component to measure its health. Each criterion, such as adding a component owner team or adding documentation, has a score associated with it. All criteria add up to 100% completion, and the current percentage based on the completed criteria represents the score of the component.

Scorecards provide you with strong guidance to cultivate behavior that improves your organization’s DevOps practices. They offer you a framework to ensure your software components are healthy and teams are following the recommended best practices. Scorecards not only show a component’s health but also indicate the areas that need improvement.

For example, your Compass site comes with a default component readiness scorecard for service components. It measures the component readiness based on criteria such as adding a component owner team, adding documentation for the component, adding a chat channel, and more. The scorecard helps ensure that users of your components have access to relevant resources and important information. Learn more about the default component readiness scorecard

Scorecard view with annotations

  1. Scorecard name: A descriptive name for the scorecard that explains what components are being scored for.

  2. Scorecard description: Short description that reinforces the name and describes the purpose of the scorecard for the team’s purposes.

  3. Score: A visual indicator with the percentage of what criteria is being satisfied currently.

  4. Scorecard owner: The best person to contact about this scorecard or changes you want to make to the scorecard.

  5. Component: The component that this scorecard is applied to when you view the scorecard from the component details page. Also includes an icon to show what component type this scorecard can be applied to.

  6. Criterion: These are the items the component needs to satisfy to raise the component’s scores. Criteria can be items that need to be added to the component’s details page or defined via API, and metrics that need to be at, above, or below certain thresholds to be passing.

  7. Criteria weight: This is the percentage that each criteria is weighted by, which is how the score is calculated.

  8. View scorecard details: Opens the scorecard view to see the components this scorecard is applied to and what their scores are for this scorecard.

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