Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Create, edit, and delete metrics

Create a new metric

If a metric that’s valuable to you and your team isn’t already available on the Compass site, you can create it on your own. Once created, a metric becomes globally available, which means that you can connect the metric not just to your team’s components, but also to any other component on your Compass site.

You can create a maximum of three custom metrics on a Free plan and 100 on a Standard plan.

To create a new metric:

  1. Go to your component’s details page in Compass.

  2. Select the field under the Metrics section.

    • If you haven't connected any metrics so far, select + Connect metrics to measure the performance of your component and team.
    • If you’ve connected at least one metric, select + Connect metric.
  3. On the Connect a metric dialog, select + Create new metric.

    Image of the create metric modal step 1
  4. On the Create a new metric dialog, select Next.

  5. Enter the metric’s details:

    • a Name that you’ll use to reference the metric in the product and is unique on your Compass site
    • a Description to specify what the metric measures and how you’d usually calculate and use it
    • a Unit that’ll appear after the metric value, for example, % or deploy/month, or leave the field blank for plain numbers such as counts.
  6. Select Create metric.

The metric becomes available for connecting to your current component and also to all other components on your Compass site. You can find your new metric, along with all other metrics on your Compass site, by selecting Health from the top navigation and then navigating to the Metrics page.

Learn how to connect metrics to a Compass component

Delete a metric

Soon, you’ll be able to delete metrics directly on Compass.

In the meantime, delete metrics using the deleteMetricDefinition mutation in the GraphQL API.

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