Last updated Jul 17, 2024

What are metrics?

A metric is a quantifiable measure of behavior observed and collected from your systems, tools, and processes. Metrics provide data points that help you track and assess the performance of your processes, products, and teams.

We often measure the behavior of services we run in production using metrics like request rate and latency. During incidents, we measure the time to recovery so we can work towards shortening the duration of outages for our customers. Metrics such as these help you track both technical capabilities and team processes to identify and remove any bottlenecks early on in your development and operational lifecycle.

Throughout the software development lifecycle, teams rely on various tools and processes that generate several metrics. Compass provides several predefined metrics and enables you to create custom metrics valuable to you and your team. You can connect these metrics to your components and push values from different tools to create a richer and centralized view for your components and teams.

In addition, Compass can derive metric values for certain built-in metrics based on events received from your components.

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