Last updated May 24, 2024

What is the attention board?

The attention board is a place on your Compass home page where things like components that are failing scorecards or not owned by anyone are listed. Use the attention board to prioritize work and fix problem components, which will help you improve your overall software health.

The attention board consists of:

Priority - The priority of an item represents what is most important for your team to fix first, and what will have the most positive impact on your component health

Type - The type of problem, a description of what’s failing at a high level such as the name of the scorecard or missing owner teams.

Description - The amount of failing criteria out of total criteria.

Link - a link to where the user can take action: for scorecards, this is the component that is currently failing and for components without owner teams, it’s a list of all those components where you can easily assign ownership.

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