Last updated Jul 12, 2024

Get metrics from integrated tools

In Compass, there are three main methods for pulling in metric data:

  1. automatically calculating derived metrics from event data
  2. pushing metric values using a cURL command
  3. automatically connecting metrics when you add a relevant link to the component details page from a configured integration

The metrics that are pulled in from integrated tools correspond to the predefined metrics available in Compass.

The following Compass apps automatically ingest metric data:

  • Bitbucket
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • CircleCI
  • PagerDuty
  • OpsGenie

Before you begin

  • Depending on your current configurations, you may not need to do anything to set this up. If you’ve already installed Bitbucket Cloud and have added a link to a repository with existing data to a component, then the metrics automatically backfill and are displayed under Metrics on the component’s details page.
  • Ensure that you are an admin on:
    • the app’s workspace or organization that you want to connect with Compass
    • your Compass instance

Get metrics from an integrated tool

  1. Follow the steps outlined in our documentation to integrate with your chosen tool, such as Bitbucket Cloud: Integrate Compass with Bitbucket Cloud
  2. Add a repository link to a component. For example, for Bitbucket Cloud you would:
    • In Bitbucket, copy the link to your component’s repository.
    • Go to your component in Compass.
    • On your component's Overview page, add the link in the Repositories section.

Learn more about adding links to a component's resources

  • If you’re already connected to a tool and have added a repository link to your component, the metrics automatically backfill and are added to the component. Check the component and refresh the page to see the metric values appear.

  • Out of all metric values sent within one hour, only the latest value sent persists in Compass.

Relevant metrics such as Pull Request Cycle Time and Deployment Frequency are automatically added to the Metrics section with their corresponding metric values.


If the Pull Request Time and Deployment Frequency metrics don’t appear after following these steps:

  • Make sure your Bitbucket integration app is up-to-date (Check the Apps page to confirm)
  • Make sure the linked repository on the component is part of the workspace connected to the integrated tool
  • If you see the metrics cards but not the metric values, make sure the linked repository has:
    • Deployments on the main/default branch within the last 28 days
    • Merged pull requests

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