Last updated May 24, 2024

What is the developer experience dashboard?

This feature is being rolled out over the coming weeks and might not be generally available on some instances yet.

The developer productivity dashboard is a dashboard for key metrics that represent how work is moving through the software development lifecycle (SDLC). It shows some key metrics to help your team gain insight into how you can ship better and faster.

This dashboard helps engineering managers get a sense of how work is moving through development, identify opportunities to improve in certain areas, and see any emerging team trends (good or bad) to inform how you plan and do work as a team.

Set up the developer experience dashboard

Backfilling the dashboard is not available at this time. Your dashboard will reflect the data from the point in time you set the dashboard up and start to get metrics to show.

There’s a few actions you need to take to get data flowing to your dashboard with key metrics relevant to your team’s components.

  • Install and configure your source code management (SCM) tool in Apps (Bitbucket, GitHub, etc.). Follow the steps outlined here for installation and configuration

    • If you already have Github installed and are using webhooks, you may need to make sure your webhook is up-to-date.
    • For now, Github is the only SCM tool supported for the developer experience dashboard. More SCM source support is coming soon.
  • Be on the latest version of the app, in both Compass and in the tool

  • Ensure your team owns relevant components

  • Components your team owns must have their repository linked

How the developer experience dashboard works

The dashboard shows the following metrics:

  • Pull request cycle time - Median time from when a pull request is opened until the time it’s closed.

  • Deployment success rate - Percentage of all deployments that were successful.

  • Waiting time for review - Median of total time from when a pull request is opened to the first review action.

  • Review time - 75th percentile of time from first review action on a pull request until its final review action.

Each graph shows the metric change over the selected time period. You can hover over the graph to see information for a particular week in the selected time period.

There’s also a timeline view of each development phase with the relevant metric of time displayed. Time from review to merge and release times are coming soon.

The date picker filter allows users to view metrics for any selected time period, where the time period can be for a week, a month, or a quarter.


If you’re not seeing data in your dashboard: Check the set up section above to make sure you have all items completed.

If you’re seeing empty (no data) graphs: it’s likely that there have not been any events for Compass to pull in from your SCM tool(s).

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