Last updated Dec 28, 2023

About the migration API

Welcome to the documentation page for the migration API. You can use this API to migrate your on-premises instance of Jira or Confluence to the cloud.

If you're looking for resources on migrating your Atlassian product without using the API, visit the Migrate your Atlassian server to Cloud page. Among other information, it describes in-depth how to use the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant and the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant.


On a high level, running a migration using this API consists of the following steps:

  1. Define the migration by calling the /jobs endpoint, which creates a migration job in the cloud, returning a jobId.

  2. Attach the cloud_site_url of the cloud site you are migrating to by calling the /attach endpoint hosted on your server.

  3. Run pre-migration checks or a migration by using the jobId returned in step 1 to call the /jobs/{jobId}/tasks endpoint. This will create a task in the cloud, returning a taskId to be executed by the Cloud Migration Assistant (CMA).

  4. View the status of your migration or migration checks by using the taskId obtained in step 3 to call the /jobs/{jobId}/tasks/{taskId}/status endpoint.


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