Last updated Sep 26, 2023

Essential Knowledge

On this page, you will learn where to find the knowlege you need for the first quest, and where to go to ask for help if you get stuck.

Forge CLI Commands

After installing the Forge CLI, follow the prompts in the terminal to build a hello world app.

Hello world CLI overview

For more information about each command, check out the Forge CLI docs

Forge Docs

The Atlassian Forge developer documentation is here to help you build apps with our products.

See Explore the documentation to learn about where to find information on product APIs, development frameworks, UI modules and other resources.

Atlassian Developer Community Forums

If you’re looking for developer advice you can post or browse our Developer Community.

  • Connect with over 13,000 active Atlassian developers and team members
  • Stay up to date with announcements
  • Find answers to questions you may have

There's even a Forge Quest space in the Atlassian Developer Community Forums just for developers starting out with Forge. Why not head on over now and introduce yourself in the Welcome thread

Optional: How to extend Jira and Confluence

These pages explain a little about Atlassian's products, and where Forge modules can be created to extend them. If you're familiar with Atlassian products, you may skip ahead to Your first quest.

How to extend Jira

How to extend Confluence

Your first quest

Are you ready?

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