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Last updatedMay 6, 2019

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Bamboo API Changes for 5.6


This page is intended to be read by Bamboo plugin developers to inform them of changes in Bamboo 5.6 that could affect their plugins. Bamboo users should consult the documentation here instead.

Summary of Changes

Deprecation of a Web Panel location

The web panel location "plan.navigator" (located below the stage/job listing in the left hand navigation of a plan) is now deprecated and will be removed in Bamboo 5.7.  There will be no direct replacement for this.  Please see Web Panel Module for alternative locations.  Feel free to raise a ticket if none of the alternatives are suitable for your plugin.

Deprecation of jsExport.action

This action may have been used to display rudimentary plan status information, however it was very rudimentary and not flexible at all, so we are assuming that no one is actually using it.  As such we will be removing it in Bamboo 5.7

Breaking changes to BuildAgentRequirementFilter

BuildAgentRequirementFilter has been deprecated since 3.3 so we don't expect this to impact any of our plugins.  If you are still using this, the interface has changed from

Collection<BuildAgent> filter(CommonContext context, Collection<BuildAgent> agents, RequirementSet requirements);


Collection<BuildAgent> filter(CommonContext context, Collection<BuildAgent> agents, MinimalRequirementSet requirements);

Where the MinimalRequirementSet only provides a getRequirements() method.

Guava upgrade

If your plugin does not specify its osgi imports or, imports guava 10.0.1+ you should have no issues. 

However if you have required exactly 10.0.1 or anything in the 10.x range, you will need to update your requirements. Bamboo now ships with 11.0.2-atlassian-01 which is a backwards compatible fork of 11.0.2.  i.e. you should not require any code changes, you may however be required to update your osgi imports to get the plugin to load.

Return codes of some rest end points

The following rest endpoints were returning a 500 return code for validation related failures.  These have been rectified to return a 400.

  • /rest/api/latest/deploy/preview
  • /rest/api/latest/deploy/project
  • /rest/api/latest/deploy/projectVersioning
  • /rest/api/latest/elasticConfiguration

AUI/ADG upgrade

We upgraded AUI version to 5.4.4, which now includes ADG version 1.3.

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