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Last updatedDec 28, 2017

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Bamboo API Changes for 5.7


This page is intended to be read by Bamboo plugin developers to inform them of changes in Bamboo 5.7 that could affect their plugins. Bamboo users should consult the documentation here instead.

Summary of Changes

Removal of a Web Panel location

The web panel location "plan.navigator" (located below the stage/job listing in the left hand navigation of a plan) has now been removed.  There is no direct replacement for this.  Please see Web Panel Module for alternative locations.  Feel free to raise a ticket if none of the alternatives are suitable for your plugin.

Removal of jsExport.action

This action may have been used to display a very rudimentary list of plan statuses.  However it has grown obsolete and we believe no one will be using it.  So we have removed it.

Removal of Deprecated Classes

  • com.atlassian.bamboo.collections.ListFactory

Removal of Deprecated Methods

  • BuildDefinition
    • List<String> getBuildChangedEmailList()
    • String getBuildChangedEmails()

Deprecated Classes

  • BambooAuiIntegration

Deprecated Methods

  • PlanConfigurationUIPluginHelper
    • getViewHtml()
    • getViewHtmlList()

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