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Last updatedDec 18, 2017

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Bamboo API Changes for 5.9


This page is intended to be read by Bamboo plugin developers to inform them of changes in Bamboo 5.9 that could affect their plugins. Bamboo users should consult the documentation here instead.

Summary of changes

Bundled Plugins zip removed

Like other Atlassian products, Bamboo 5.9 is not using bundled plugins zip anymore.

If you're using Wired Tests in your plugins, you'll have to update your AMPS to match the one used in Bamboo, otherwise you'll get build failures.

If you're accessing the zip file directly to remove/change or add jar files (which is not a recommended practice), you should use WEB-INF/atlassian-bundled-plugins directory instead.

Plan directory information REST API

Future changes to on-disk directory layout

A future release of Bamboo will make changes to the layout of the on-disk directory structure for artifacts and logs. These changes are necessary to make functionality more robust. If you are relying on scripts or other tools that examine data in the Bamboo home directory, you will need to update them to ensure that they continue to work.

To make this easier, we have added a resource to the Bamboo REST API to retrieve information about where on disk log files and artifacts will be stored. We have made this available in 5.9 so that you can prepare for the changes now.

For more information, see Plan directory information REST API.

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