Bitbucket Data Center web resource contexts

If you are writing a plugin for Bitbucket Data Center, more than likely you will need to inject custom resources such as CSS or JavaScript into pages which are core to the application.

See Web Resource Plugin Module for more information on how to use the web resource context.

Available contexts

We do not recommend using the standard atl.general context unless you actually need to inject resources on every page in Bitbucket Data Center. Please scope your resources to the pages that need them.

atl.generalAll non-admin pages1.0
atl.adminAll admin pages1.0 page4.0 authentication settings page4.0 avatars settings page4.0 database edit configuration page4.0 global permissions page4.0 group edit page4.0 group listing page4.0 license page4.0 edit license page4.0 logging page4.0 mail server settings page4.0 server settings page4.0 user creation page4.0 user edit page4.0 user listing page4.0 creation page4.0 creation page (no write access to any repo)4.0 page4.0 page4.0 database settings page4.0 error page (401, 403, 404, 500, etc)4.0 page for first-time Bitbucket Data Center users4.0 repository list page4.0 page4.0 page4.0 for maintenance page4.0 migration page4.0 audit log page4.0 creation page4.0 settings page4.0 overview page (repository listing)4.0 permissions page4.0 listing page4.0 request listing page4.0 request view page7.0 audit log page4.0 branches page4.0 branch permissions page4.0 commit page4.0 commit listing page4.0 new repository page4.0 is empty page4.0 file browser page4.0 file content page (source and diff view)4.0 a fork of a repository4.0 details page (in the Repository's settings)4.0 page when no default branch is set in the Git repository4.0 permissions page4.0 hooks configuration page4.0 pull-request settings4.0 ref-sync settings page4.0 user password page4.0 configure admin user4.0 configure database4.0 configure Jira integration4.0 configure settings4.0 signup page4.0 public SSH key4.0 account password page.4.0 account details page.4.0 account notification settings page.4.0 account watched repositories settings page.5.10 page when viewed by any user.4.0 page when viewed by the currently logged in user.4.0 page when viewed by a user other than the currently logged in one.4.0 token missing notification page4.0
bitbucket.feature.files.fileHandlersFile handlers to handle rendering the source of a file or the diff of a file changed4.0

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