Last updated May 23, 2024

About the cloud admin REST APIs

The cloud admin REST APIs let you administer Atlassian cloud products. To allow administrators to manage multiple Atlassian cloud products and sites centrally, we’ve created a global administration layer called an organization that is a centralized place for managing your products and users. With an organization, you can manage the Atlassian accounts of all registered users at your company, based on the domains that you have verified. Managing a user's account allows you to change account and profile details, view product access and admin permissions, and deactivate or permanently delete a user.

For more details about how organizations work, see What is an Atlassian organization.

Once you've created an organization and verified a domain, all the Atlassian accounts with email addresses from that domain become managed accounts. With managed accounts, you can apply security and access policies across the users and sites in your organization.

Organizations REST API

The organizations REST API lets you get information about your organizations, including:

User management REST API

The user management REST API lets you manage users (managed accounts) in an organization. Only an organization admin can edit the details of a managed account. As an organization admin with verified domains, you can use the user management REST API to perform operations including:

  • Get a list of your permissions to manage a user
  • Get information about a user
  • Update a user profile or set a user's email address
  • Enable or disable a user

User provisioning REST API

The user provisioning REST API manages an integration between an external user directory and your Atlassian cloud products so you can automatically update the users and groups in your Atlassian organization when you make updates in your identity provider (IdP). For example, with user provisioning, you can create, link, and deactivate managed Atlassian user accounts from your IdP. We support user provisioning using the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) protocol version 2.0. See also: User provisioning

Data loss prevention REST API

Atlassian's data loss prevention REST API capabilities are designed to empower your organization to identify and prevent the inadvertent sharing, transfer, or unauthorized use of sensitive data. They will help you monitor and safeguard sensitive data across various Atlassian products, ensuring a unified and secure environment. This proactive approach not only enhances data security but also assists you in achieving compliance with stringent government regulations.

These features help you manage user access, provide an additional layer of security for your data, and respond to unusual activity in your Atlassian cloud products.

With these features, you can:

  • Protect: Apply rules and controls to proactively protect users and data at scale;
  • Detect: Discover and detect sensitive data, data misuse, and anomalous user behaviors; and
  • Respond: Review and investigate suspicious events and take steps to remediate.

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