Last updated May 3, 2023

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Connect example apps

Explore these example apps for ideas on how to configure your Connect apps in Confluence. Clone an app to explore and customize locally, or just take a look at the source in each Bitbucket repository.

To run locally, you must have a Confluence developer instance set up. See Getting started to set up your development environment. Don't forget to add your credentials.json file to the example app after cloning.

Official Connect Node Example App

Atlassian recommends using this example repository that can quickly and easily create a test app with documentation and code examples to learn how Connect works. It can be used as the starting point for your next Connect app.

Sequence diagramr

Creates UML sequence diagrams on the page using a macro.

Tim's word cloud

Adds a word cloud visualization of the page's content to a Confluence page.

Google Maps macro

Inserts Google Maps into your Confluence pages.

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