Last updated Apr 17, 2024

Connect patterns



Create pages based on pre-defined content, using readily available blueprints or your own custom-made blueprints.

Custom content

Custom content

Create your own custom content, such as pages, blogs, and macro attachments.

Display custom content in search

Make custom content easily discoverable using Confluence's quick search and advanced search options.

Display custom content in attachments

Make custom content within attachments easily discoverable using consistent graphic elements and customized UI components.



Create macros, which provide dynamic content inside Confluence pages, and insert them into any content you edit.

Adding macro content to a page

Add your custom or pre-defined macro to the Insert menu, Select Macro dialog, or Macro placeholder.

Viewing custom macro content in an overlay

View macro content in detail and design a consistent full-screen overlay for custom macro content.

Editing macro content in full screen

Use the full screen macro dialog to bring your existing SaaS product's user interface right into Confluence.

Editing macro properties

Use consistent graphic elements and customized UI components to enable efficient editing of your macro's properties.

Interacting with macros in view mode

Customize the view mode toolbar so that users can use surface key features to interact with app content.

Page extensions

Page extensions

Allow your app to define context and actions, like implementing a custom workflow, that add value to content for users.

Enhancing page metadata

Configure apps to provide users with further information about a page’s metadata with byline extensions.

Extending page actions

Group and store additional page actions in the More Actions menu of any Confluence page.


Confluence Connect patterns

Confluence Connect patterns are common ways for you to extend the functionality of Confluence Cloud.


REST API examples

Confluence REST API examples for common use cases.

Search extensions

Search extensions

Assign custom properties to Confluence content and enable search filtering using those properties with search extensions.

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