Last updated Feb 23, 2024

Editing macro content in full screen

If your macro integrates an existing SaaS product with a fully-fledged user interface, you can use the full screen dialog to bring your product interface into Confluence. The chrome on the full screen dialog appears as a black header, and maintains the context for the user of being inside Confluence. It also ensures users have a consistent path back to the main Confluence UI.

editing macro content in full screen

UI components

Full screen dialog

full screen view



  • Design an 'Open in' action to allow the user to access the full screen dialog.
  • Use "Back" or "Back to Confluence" to allow users to return to Confluence.
  • Follow a design style involving white outline and a pixel width stroke. 


  • Use labels like "Exit", "Close", "Save and Close", as they may confuse users and conflict with parts of the Confluence UI.
  • Provide on-boarding for users during editing. If you need to provide on-boarding, do it when users are inserting your macro.

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