Last updatedSep 30, 2019

Integrating with Confluence Cloud

Confluence Connect empowers you to build apps that improve content collaboration for teams every day. 

Provide tools to help create and manage content:

  • Add new, specialized content within pages.
  • Provide tools to manage content, pages and spaces with Confluence.

manage content

Integrate with or build on Confluence:

  • Integrate your service's content with Confluence to increase user engagement.
  • Build custom content or features directly on the Confluence platform to enhance content collaboration.

           manage content

Confluence Connect provides patterns to make it straightforward to build your app, regardless of your product or business goal.


Add Content

Provide features to manage

Add-On Categories

  • Diagramming: Specialized, rich content to visualize team activities
  • Reports & Charts: Data visualizations
  • Content Layout: Control the formatting and layout of page content
  • Workflows & Communication:  Tools focused on team alignment and collaboration
  • Content Management: Space-wide sharing and formatting of page content
  • Community & Engagement: Encourage active consumption and collaboration with team content
Patterns to Integrate with Confluence

Patterns to Build with Confluence

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