Administration UI locations

If your app needs to provide a configuration or administration screen, we recommend adding a link and page to the Apps section of Jira administration (global settings).

Available locations

For web sections:

  • admin_plugins_menu

For web items:

  • On this page, you should always define a web section for your app first, even if you only provide one link. This allows your app to have a visually distinct section in the navigation. Therefore, the location for your web item will always be your web section key. See the sample descriptor JSON below.

global admin overview

Sample descriptor JSON

"modules": {
    "webSections": [
            "key": "example-menu-section",
            "location": "admin_plugins_menu",
            "name": {
                "value": "Example app name"
    "webItems": [
            "key": "example-section-link",
            "location": "admin_plugins_menu/example-menu-section",
            "name": {
                "value": "Example app link"
            "url": "/example-section-link"


The properties required for this location are the standard ones defined in the documentation for web sections and web items.

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