Last updated May 23, 2024

Jira Software context parameters

Context parameters are special, context-specific values that can be supplied to your apps. These values are provided via special tokens, which are inserted into the URL properties of your Jira Software modules, specifically panels and actions.

Using context parameters, your Atlassian Connect apps can selectively alter their behavior based on information provided by Jira Software. Common examples include displaying alternate content, or even performing entirely different operations based on the available context.

Using parameters

Context parameters can be used with any UI module that takes a URL property, as specified in your atlassian-connect.json descriptor. To use a context parameter, simply insert the corresponding key name, surrounded by curly-braces, at any location within your URL. The parameter will then be substituted into the URL as Jira Software renders your UI module.

For example, the URL in the following snippet includes the and board.type parameters:

"modules": {      
    "webPanels": [
            "key": "my-configuration-page",
            "url": "configuration?id={}&type={board.type}",
            "location": "jira.agile.board.configuration",
            "name": {
                "value": "My board configuration page"
            "weight": 1

Jira Software parameters

The following table details the list of context parameters provided by Jira Software:

Parameter keyDescriptionAvailable for
board.idThe ID of the current board.
board.typeThe type (such as scrum or kanban) of the current request type.
board.screenThe screen of the current board.
Note that the board.mode parameter was deprecated in favor of this parameter.

Modules that are displayed in multiple board screens.

sprint.idThe ID of the current sprint.
sprint.stateThe state of the current sprint.

Additional parameters

The Jira platform provides a number of additional context parameters that Jira Software apps can use. For a full list of these context parameters, see the JIRA Platform Cloud documentation.

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