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How to extend Jira

Jira concepts

If you haven't worked with Jira before, it will be helpful to learn about some important concepts in Jira before you start building a Jira App.


In Jira, teams use issues to track individual pieces of work that must be completed.
Depending on how your team uses Jira, an issue could represent a project task, a helpdesk ticket, a leave request form, etc.


Projects can be viewed as containers that hold issues. Each project has an associated workflow, which is the path issues follow from creation to completion.


Boards provide a Kanban-style visualization of your working process and the status of each issue. Issues are represented by cards you can move around the board. This allows you to track, organize, and prioritize issues across columns that represent your workflow.


A workflow is the path your issue moves through from start to finish. Jira Work Management's templates are built on workflows that are designed to support different use cases, from coordinating GTM strategies to managing a sales pipeline.

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Learn more about Jira

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