Last updatedDec 18, 2017

Bamboo API Changes for Bamboo 2.5

Developing for Bamboo 2.5

New Method for Repository Interface

Please note, a new method has been added to the repository interface in line with web repository changes for 2.5. If you have extended the AbstractRepository class, this change will not affect you. However, if you have not extended the AbstractRepository class you will need to implement the new method before your code will compile.

Web Repository Functionality Removed from the Repository Plugin Point

Prior to Bamboo 2.5, the repository plugins themselves implemented the functionality that provided web repository links to the user. This web repository functionality has now been pulled out into its own extendible plugin point. This change provides more focused support for the different web repository viewers available.

The information (e.g. web repository url and module name) is no longer stored within the repository configuration. It is now an entity in its own right.

Bamboo now provides Fisheye URLs for all repository types (out of the box), including any external plugins. If you would like to make use of these, you can simply remove the existing web repository functionality from your repository plugin. However, if the repository plugin was providing specialised web repository support, you will need to move the old functionality over to a new Web Repository Viewer Module.