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Build Processor Server module


Bamboo 2.0 and later


The BuildProcessorServer module allows you to define a custom process that runs during the build. This will occur after the build is returned to the server (from both local and remote agents). The build has completed execution and the test results have been captured. The BuildProcessorServer forms part of build execution run and the result of the execution is only registered after your custom BuildProcessorServer has completed. This means that your plugin has the capability to affect the the final BuildState of your build (i.e. success/failure).

Because this module runs on the server you have access to any of the Managers and data that is stored in Bamboo. However, it may not have access to the source code or build environment.

Bamboo has two different build processors, this one and the BuildProcessor. The BuildProcessorServer runs on the server side after a build has returned from the agent. It has access to Managers and the database. The BuildProcessor on the other hand runs on the agent and has full access to the file system (but no access to many of the Bamboo managers and the database).

If you're writing a plugin that will only ever be run in a non-distributed environment, you can use either plugin points.


BuildProcessorServer modules must implement the CustomBuildProcessorServer interface.

Sample Module Descriptor Element

<buildProcessorServer key="cloverDeltaCalculator" name="Clover Delta Calculator" 
  <description>Calculates coverage deltas between builds</description>

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