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Pre-Build Queued Action


Bamboo 2.1 and later


Like the Build Processor Module, this allows you to specify a custom action to take place. However, the difference is that this will run before the build has been queued and the build made executable for both local and remote Bamboo agents. This is the first custom action that is run when a new Bamboo build is triggered, thus build state can be modified at this time.


Pre Build Queued modules must implement the CustomPreBuildQueuedAction interface.

Sample Module Descriptor Element

<preBuildQueuedAction key="startVirtualMachine" name="Start Virtual Machine Action"
        <resource type="freemarker" name="edit" location="templates/vmEdit.ftl"/>
        <resource type="freemarker" name="view" location="templates/vmView.ftl"/>
            Starts a virtual machine

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