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LegacyBuilderToTaskConverter plugin module


Bamboo 3.1 and later

Purpose of this Module Type

This module provides a way to update Builder configuration to Tasks. Plugin implementers that reimplement their Builders as Task can provide this utility that will be used to automatically convert Plans to use Tasks instead of Builders. The converter should extract the relevant parameters out of BuildConfiguration and create a list of appropriate TaskDefinitions (order according to desired execution order).

For more information on how to write the Task itself please see our Tasks Overview page.


Implement the LegacyBuilderToTaskConverter interface.


<builder2TaskConverter key="AntConverter" name="Ant Builder Converter" class="com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.ant.task.conversion.AntBuilder2TaskConverter">
    <description>A configuration converter for Ant builders</description>

builderKeyPattern (required) - regular expression; converter is used if builder plugin key matches the expression

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