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Providing help links for your Bamboo Task

In Bamboo 5.2 and above, it is possible to add a link to help documentation for your task, which displays in the top right corner of the task edit window.

  1. In your atlassian-plugin.xml add the following line between the taskType elements:

    <help link="myplugin.task.help.link" title="myplugin.task.help.title" />
  2. In your internationalisation properties file, add the following (replace the dummy data with your own):

    myplugin.task.help.link = http://task.documentation.com
    myplugin.task.help.title = How to use my task!

    If you do not already have a internationalisation properties file, simply create one in src/main/resources/ called i18n.properties and register it in the atlassian-plugin.xml

    <resource type="i18n" name="i18n" location="com.my.plugin.package.i18n"/> 
  3. These are only example identifiers, please change "myplugin.task.help.link/title" to match your plugin, as it must be unique.


  • The title text you provide will act as the link to your respective URL.
  • For the help link to be displayed, the user must have Bamboo 5.2 or above installed.

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