Last updated Jan 4, 2022

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Confluence in-app notifications and tasks API

Confluence has a new REST API that is progressively replacing our existing APIs. We recommend plugin developers use the new REST APIs where possible.


Confluence 4.3 and later.


In Confluence 4.3.3 we announced full support for the in-app notifications and tasks APIs - the API is no longer experimental. This release also introduces better internationalisation support for plugins.

Confluence 4.3 introduced the workbox, for managing notifications in the app. This includes REST and Java APIs for interacting programmatically with the in-app notifications and tasks.

Here are some resources to help you get started.

Reference documentation

Generated reference guides:

Sample code

Tutorials and examples:

Giving us your feedback

You can provide feedback for the API by raising an issue in the Confluence project on our issue tracker.

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