Last updated Jul 8, 2024

Confluence Data Center Developer Documentation

Getting Started

There are two main ways to develop for Confluence Data Center - using our API or developing an app. If you're integrating Confluence with another application, you'll most likely want to use the REST API. If you'd like to add capabilities to Confluence, an app (also known as a plugin or add-on) may be the answer. To get started writing plugins, download the Atlassian SDK and follow the instructions to set up a development environment.

Latest updates

If you're developing for Confluence, it's important to keep up to date with changes that may affect your apps. We release a milestone version of Confluence each week, containing our work in progress.

Download the latest EAP milestone

Head to Preparing for Confluence releases to find out how we can keep you informed about upcoming changes.

Confluence development resources

Reference documentation

Looking for info on developing apps for Confluence Cloud? Check out our Confluence Cloud developer docs.

Main Topics

Get started by setting up your Atlassian plugin development environment.

Want to customise the look and feel of Confluence? Learn how to provide your custom stylesheets, change layouts and include your own JavaScript elements into Confluence.

Custom Features
Add new functionality to Confluence by creating your own screens and actions.

Frequently asked questions Find best practices for developing and testing an app to run in a clustered environment, and learn about how you can get your app Data Center approved for publication in the Marketplace.


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