Last updated Jun 13, 2024

Set up the Atlassian Plugin SDK and build a project

Welcome to the developer documentation for the Atlassian Plugin SDK! This hands on tutorial is designed to help you learn the basics of plugin development for Atlassian server products.

If you meant to write an app for an Atlassian Cloud product then please see the following guides instead:

By the end of this tutorial, you'll have set up a local development environment and built a simple Jira plugin.

Before you begin

To complete this tutorial, you'll need the following:

  • Your favourite IDE or text editor
  • Port 2990 free on your system
  • A basic knowledge of XML
  • Oracle Java SE Development Kit 8 (JDK) or AdoptOpenJDK 8 installed on your system

About the tutorial

The tutorial guides you through the following tasks:

Get started

Before you dive into building an add-on, you'll need to set up your development environment:

Install the Atlassian SDK on a (Windows) or (Linux or Mac) system

Additional Resources

Need help? Request support at Developer Technical Support Portal or ask a question in the Atlassian Developer Community.

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