Last updatedSep 29, 2020

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AMPS 8.1.2

Release Date: September 29, 2020

Bug fixes:

  • AMPS-1545 - Closure compiler output does not respect project encoding
  • AMPS-1542 - AMPS sometimes uses HTTP port when product configured to use HTTPS
  • AMPS-1540 - NPE in MavenProjectRewriter.findAmpsPluginManagement when groupId is missing
  • AMPS-1507 - NPE when testGroup contains no productIDs
  • AMPS-1382 - Running the "RELEASE" version of Fecru breaks admin login
  • AMPS-1346 - Blueprint module template will not compile
  • AMPS-1152 - WADL docs not generated for REST modules with no package declared

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