Last updated May 24, 2024

Shared Access Layer

The Shared Access Layer, or SAL for short, provides a consistent, cohesive API to common plugin tasks, regardless of the Atlassian application into which your plugin is deployed. SAL is most useful for cross-application plugin development. If you are developing your plugin for a single application only, you can simply use the application's own API. If your plugin will run in two applications or more, you will find SAL's services useful. These common services include, but are not limited to:

  • Job scheduling
  • Internationalisation lookups
  • Persistence for plugin settings
  • A plugin upgrade framework

SAL is a component of the Atlassian plugin development platform. Check our SAL availability guide, then take a look at the SAL services. To view the changes made in each release of SAL, visit the SAL project page in JIRA.

Main Topics

Adding SAL Dependency What to put in your plugin's pom to use SAL.

Atlassian Plugin SDK Get started with developing an Atlassian plugin.

SAL Services Take a look at the services that SAL offers.

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