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This page contains guidelines for resolving errors related to classes not being found by a plugin. Some of these errors are due to unresolved Maven dependencies, some are due to OSGI dependencies. These errors were all generated using JIRA plugins but apply to all Atlassian applications.

Some of these bundle gotchas can be debugged using the Felix Web Console or better still, the OSGI tab in the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) version 1.3 and later (JIRA 4.3+).

Types of errors

Errors typically fall into these categories:

  • Compile time errors are triggered by any PDK command that starts a javac compile such as atlas-compile, atlas-package or even mvn package. These go beyond the usual "cannot find symbol" Java compilation errors due to typos in the method or class name, or missing import statements, or typos in a package name.For an example, see Compilation failure: package does not exist.
  • Start up errors are triggered when your new plugin is deployed and the application starts up. The application log file contains errors or warnings about it even before you try to use the plugin. An example of this type of error is Cannot start plugin.
  • Run time errors are triggered when a new plugin is used and the application log file contains an error the first time the plugin is used. Note the following points for diagnosing these errors:

    • Some of these errors and warnings only appear in logs/catalina.out and not in atlassian-jira.log
    • If one REST resource in a plugin has a problem, then all the other resources and their URLs will produce HTTP 404 errors

    Examples of these error are NoClassDefFoundError, UnsatisfiedDependencyException, java.lang.LinkageError, PluginException, SAXParserContextProvider, and so on.

Troubleshooting topics


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