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OSGi and Spring reference documents

Below are links to some useful articles and blog posts on OSGi, Spring and related topics.


What. Who

OSGi Technology

What: Introduction to OSGi: problem, solution, framework, services.

Who: OSGi;

How to get Started with OSGi

What: Links to OSGi tutorials for various environments, for developers who want to delve into OSGi.

Who: OSGi;


OSGi Service Platform Release 4 Javadoc

What: Javadoc

Who: OSGi;


Hello, OSGi, Part 1: Bundles for beginners

What: This is part 1 of a three-part introduction to OSGi. It gets you started with OSGi development concepts and shows you how to build a simple Hello World application using the Eclipse OSGi container implementation, Equinox.

Who: JavaWorld

Hello, OSGi, Part 2: Introduction to Spring Dynamic Modules

What: Part 2 of the above series.

Hello, OSGi, Part 3: Take it to the server side

What: Part 3 of the above series.

Spring Dynamic Modules Reference Guide

What: The reference guide for Spring DM: concepts, the syntax for the OSGi Service Platform based namespaces, the Dynamic Modules extender bundle and the OSGi manifest header entries defined by Dynamic Modules.

Who: spring;


Creating OSGi bundles

What: Blog post on what a bundle actually is and how a vanilla JAR can be transformed into an OSGi bundle.

Who: spring;


Bnd - Bundle Tool

What: A description of the bnd tool used by the Atlassian Plugin Framework to generate bundles.

Who: aQute

OSGi, Spring and the Plugin Framework
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