Last updated Dec 8, 2017

Using Atlassian REST APIs in your gadget

In the gadgets world, the UI is rendered entirely using HTML and JavaScript (on the dashboard server). To get dynamic data into the gadget, you will make Ajax calls using makeRequest back to the originating server.

Why a special API for making requests? When we render gadgets, even if the gadget specification is coming from your server out there, it is pulled into the dashboard server and parsed and rendered into HTML on the dashboard server. So your JavaScript can only talk to the server where the dashboard is running. The makeRequest call will proxy back (in a process that is called 'phoning home') to the originating server to request data, using one of the following:

  • The REST APIs that the application already supports.
  • A custom servlet that you build in a plugin for that product.
  • A custom REST plugin module that is built into the Atlassian Gadgets framework. This is the recommended option.

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