Last updated Apr 16, 2019

Tutorials and guides


Creating a gadget JavaScript object

Crucible gadget tutorial

Packaging your gadget as an Atlassian plugin

Using the Fisheye REST API to write a gadget to monitor recent changes

Writing gadgets for Jira

Writing a gadget that displays the days left in a version

Writing a JQL Gadget for Jira


Adding a chart to the issue navigator

Adding a reload option to your gadget

Adding something to your gadget footer

Adjusting the gadget height when the window is resized

Allowing configuration options in your gadget

Creating your gadget XML specification

Example of gadget XML specification

Examples of gadgets

Field definitions

Gadget developers' JavaScript cookbook

Including features into your Gadget

Internationalising your gadget

Making Ajax calls

Making your gadget reload when resized

Managing caching for your gadget

REST resource for validating gadget configuration

Restricting edit permissions on your gadget preferences

Showing the config screen on initial load only

Specifying required features for the framework

Specifying required resources for the framework

Theming your gadget dynamically

Using Atlassian REST APIs in your gadget

Using authentication in your gadget

Using cookies in your gadget

Using special userprefs for the framework

Using substitution variables and directives in your gadget

Using the Atlassian Gadgets JavaScript framework

Using web resources in your gadget

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