Blueprint Module


Confluence 5.1 and later

Purpose of this module

As a plugin developer, you can use a Blueprint module to add to the Create dialog in Confluence to help users bootstrap the page creation process. Note that you need to define a web-item referring to a blueprint module for it to appear in the Create dialog. This page only documents the blueprint module. See Confluence Blueprints for concepts and tutorials.


The root element for the Blueprint module is blueprint

Attributes Required Description Default



A unique identifier of the blueprint




Specifies the label added to all pages created from this blueprint. This users to locate all pages created with this template from an Index page.



Defines the screen to go to when creating this type of Blueprint. A value of view causes Confluence to bypass the page Editor and automatically create the page content. The user lands in the view of the created page. When edit, the user is sent to the editor which is pre-filed with the template content.

  Optionally define an index page template for your Blueprint. It must refer to a content-template defined your plugin. None

The i18n key for the title of Index page.

Defaults to the i18n-name-key specified by the Create dialog web-item module.

The blueprint element can have the following child elements:

Element Required Description Default



A Blueprint must have at least one content template. It should define the content template resource for which this blueprint creates with.

dialog-wizard   This is an optional element which allows you to easily create a dialog wizard for your blueprint. None


<blueprint key="myplugin-blueprint" index-key="myplugin-index">
   <content-template ref="myplugin-template"/>

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