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Promoted Blueprints module


Confluence 5.3 and later

Purpose of this module

Currently you can only use this module with a Space Blueprint definition.

A Space Blueprint can "promote" page Blueprints within the space. This means that if a user presses "Create", the "promoted" Blueprints will appear first. If your space Blueprint comes with a set of recommend page Blueprints, we recommend you "promote" them to make them more discoverable and easier to create. For example, the bundled Knowledge Base Space Blueprint promotes two Blueprints by default; the How To and Troubleshooting Articles.


The root element for the Promoted Blueprints module is promoted-blueprints. It should define one or more blueprint elements, referring to the blueprints to be promoted.

Element: promoted-blueprints


This element must have a ref attribute referring to the complete module key of the blueprint to be promoted. The complete module key is in the following format: "PLUGIN_KEY:BLUEPRINT_MODULE_KEY".
Note that you can refer to blueprints that are defined outside your plugin. 



As an example, the following code adds blueprint-keymeeting-notes-blueprintblank-page and blog-posts as promoted content items in the create dialog.

<space-blueprint key="example-space-blueprint" i18n-name-key="confluence.blueprints.space.example.name" category="examples">
        <blueprint ref="com.your.plugin.key:blueprint-key"/>
        <blueprint ref="com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-business-blueprints:meeting-notes-blueprint"/>
        <blueprint ref="com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-create-content-plugin:create-blank-page"/>
        <blueprint ref="com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-create-content-plugin:create-blog-post"/>

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