FishEye Twitter Integration Plugin Tutorial

About the tutorial

The plugin created in this tutorial sends each of your commit messages to your Twitter account.

In this tutorial you will:

  1. Create a FishEye/Crucible plugin.
  2. Add an entry in settings menu for users to set properties.
  3. Set up a git repository.
  4. Create a listener that will post to Twitter on every commit.

 The tutorial teaches you how to:

  • Get the output of your servlet 'decorated' so that it has the correct headers and footers.
  • Use a servlet to add a new pane to the user settings dialog.
  • Render your servlet output using template engine.
  • Write an event listener to listen for commit events.
  • Use a Spring Component module to provide a service to several of your plugin modules.
  • Depend on a 3rd party library.


We encourage you to work through this tutorial.
If you want to skip ahead or check your work when you are done, you can find the plugin source code on Atlassian Bitbucket. Bitbucket serves a public Git repository containing the tutorial's code. To clone the repository, run:

$ git clone

Alternatively, you can download the source using the 'Downloads' page here:




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