Last updatedAug 19, 2019

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Fisheye and Crucible developer documentation

Welcome to the Fisheye and Crucible developer documentation, a resource for plugin authors and programmers. This documentation will help you do the following:

  • Develop software such as plugins and gadgets that extend or enhance Fisheye and Crucible.
  • Integrate Fisheye and Crucible software with other systems.
  • Learn about the architecture of Fisheye and Crucible.

Go directly to the Advanced Developer Index if you're a seasoned developer looking for a quick technical reference.

See the Fisheye and Crucible Documentation Archives for older versions of this developer documentation. 


"How can I customize and extend Fisheye and Crucible?" See the Fisheye and Crucible Plugin Guide to get started.

"Can I write Gadgets for Fisheye or Crucible? OpenSocial gadgets allow Crucible and Fisheye to be integrated into gadget containers such as iGoogle and the JIRA dashboard. Learn about Gadgets.

Tutorial Links


A map of Fisheye and Crucible technology

This image shows how the various components of Fisheye and Crucible interact with each other:

Key: In this diagram, Green items are your code. White items are Fisheye/Crucible components.

Using Remote APIs

Remote APIs allow your applications to query and control Fisheye/Crucible using REST over HTTP. The documentation details the interfaces which are available to remote applications and gives examples of client code in some common languages.

See The Fisheye and Crucible Remote API Guide to get started.

Developing Plugins

Plugins customise Fisheye/Crucible's user interface and behaviour.

Teach me how to write plugins for Fisheye/Crucible These documents are specifically about plugins for Fisheye/Crucible. They describe:

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