Last updatedAug 19, 2019

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Frequently asked questions

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions posed by Fisheye/Crucible developers.

Feel free to comment, make submissions, or pose your own question on Fisheye/Crucible Development here.

  • Q: I'm getting the error "API access is disabled" as a response from fisheye/api/rest/repositories on my installation. How do I enable the API as a Fisheye administrator?

    A: There is a toggle to enable the API under "Server Settings" in the web admin interface. See Configuring the Fisheye web server for more details.

  • Q: Is there any way to return unique results from an EyeQL query?

    A: It is not currently possible to return unique results. An improvement request exists: FE-1136. Your vote and comments on that issue are appreciated.

  • Q: How do I use AUI on a page generated by a servlet plugin module?

    A: Fisheye 2.4 and earlier don't include AUI by default, so your servlet will need to explicitly include it. There are two ways to do this:

    1. In Fisheye/Crucible 2.4 and later, specify that the context of its page decorator requires the com.atlassian.auiplugin:ajs resource. i.e. your atlassian-plugin.xml file should include:

      <web-resource key="aui">

      assuming your generated page will request the atl.general decorator.

    2. If you are rendering a velocity template, include $webResourceManager.requireResource('com.atlassian.auiplugin:ajs') in your template.

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