Stage 1: Create plugin structure

For more detail on the initial setup of the SDK, and the first steps below, see Developing with the Atlassian Plugin SDK.


First, create your plugin skeleton:

$ atlas-create-fecru-plugin
Define value for groupId: : com.example.ampstutorial
Define value for artifactId: : fecrutwitter
Define value for version:  1.0-SNAPSHOT: :               # just accept the default
Define value for package:  com.example.ampstutorial: :   # again, just press enter for the default

Fisheye/Crucible version

atlas-create-fecru-plugin might create a skeleton with a different version of Fisheye/Crucible than you want to use. Update the properties in pom.xml


Java version

Update to use Java 8  (also in  pom.xml ) :


To make sure your maven uses the correct Java version run:

$ atlas-mvn -version | grep Java

slf4j dependency

Fix the following dependency (also in pom.xml):




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