Stage 2: Run FishEye/Crucible

Run FishEye/Crucible

Now run FishEye/Crucible with the skeleton plugin:

$ cd fecrutwitter
$ atlas-run

The first time you run it, you'll need to wait a while for files to download. When the application is ready, you'll see in the console:

[INFO] Type Ctrl-D to shutdown gracefully
[INFO] Type Ctrl-C to exit

You can use atlas-debug to enable remote debugging.

Add a user in the FishEye/Crucible admin panel

Go to http://localhost:3990/fecru/admin/, giving the administrator password 'password'. You should see the administrative panel. Go to User Settings > Users on the left, then click Add user on the right. Add yourself as a user to your FishEye/Crucible instance. The e-mail address must match the one you set in Git, so that we can match commits with Fisheye/Crucible users.

Now click Log in on the right to access your account.

Reload the plugin

The Atlassian Plugin SDK allows you to reload your plugin without restarting FishEye/Crucible, which will speed up our work in the following sections:

  1. Open a new terminal window and cd to fecrutwitter
  2. Run atlas-cli
  3. Type pi at the atlas-cli maven2> prompt
  4. Refresh your browser.

Keep your atlas-cli console open.


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