Stage 5: Set up the Git repository

New Git repository

The goal of this tutorial is to send tweets for every commit. To do that, we need a repository to commit to. We will use Git for this tutorial. We only need a local repository.

$ mkdir repo_for_tutorial
$ cd repo_for_tutorial
$ git init
Initialized empty Git repository in .../repo_for_tutorial/.git/

Add a repo to FishEye/Crucible

Open the admin panel (http://localhost:3990/fecru/admin), go to Repository Settings > Repositories. Click Add repository, select Git and provide the local path to your Git repository. Once added, select the new repository and click Browse repository. You should see your activity, such as changes to the a.txt file (see below).

Hint: quick command to generate a commit

To speed up the flow of your testing, you can use this command to modify your file and commit in one go:

$ echo $(date) >> a.txt && git add a.txt && git commit -m "tweet $(date)"


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