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HTTP Authentication Success Handler Plugin Module


Bitbucket Data Center allows plugins to participate in the authentication chain through three plugin module types.

  • http-authentication-handler - used to authenticate users and validate whether the current authentication session is still valid.
  • http-authentication-success-handler - called when a user is authenticated successfully using any of the installed http-authentication-handler modules.
  • http-authentication-failure-handler - called when authentication using any of the installed http-authentication-handler modules failed.

Purpose of this Module Type

HTTP Authentication Success Handler plugin modules receive a callback on authentication success and can customize the HTTP response, usually by redirecting to a custom page. The built-in authentication success handler redirects the user back to the URL they requested prior to being sent to the login screen, or to the projects list if they requested the login screen explicitly.

All available authentication success handlers are called in order of their configured weight (from low to high). See the HttpAuthenticationSuccessHandler interface for a complete description of how to implement a HttpAuthenticationSuccessHandler.


The root element for the HTTP Authentication Success Handler plugin module is <http-auth-success-handler/>. It allows the following configuration attributes:


Built-in authentication success handlers

Bitbucket Data Center bundles a number of authentication success handlers. When choosing the weight of your authentication success handler, consider whether your http-authentication-success-handler should be applied before or after the built-in handlers:

Crowd SSO authentication success handler20When SSO integration has been enabled this starts an SSO session even if another authenticator authenticated the user
Session creating success handler50Creates an HttpSession if it does not exist yet, except for requests authenticated using BASIC authentication
Redirecting success handler100Redirects the user to the URL provided in the `next` request parameter field or the projects page if none was provided


<atlassian-plugin key="com.your.domain.custom.auth" name="Bitbucket Data Center Authentication plugin">

        <description>Configuration example</description>
        <vendor name="Atlassian" url=""/>

    <http-auth-success-handler key="customSuccessHandler"


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